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Due to resource constraints and complexity involved in custom product manufacturing, we are taking orders from businesses headquartered with a legal entity in the United States. We provide international shipping to most countries by air and sea directly from manufacturing sites.
In order to give you a solid quote, please be as specific as possible about your item detail, including style, material, color, measurements, artwork, logo size and position. Upload images and/or artwork in the "Images or Artwork" section.
Please upload here if you have the design file, spec sheet, reference image or other reference files to help us get a clear idea of the project you have in mind. You can upload up to 10 files, 10MB each. For larger files please use a file sharing service or WeTransfer to
If you require us to comply with any applicable federal or state safety and warning requirements (including, but not limited to, those enforced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or California Proposition 65), provide any certification, or apply any warning label to your products prior to shipment, you must specify the requirements in your project description prior to placing an order. If you do not have any safety requirement, please write None to complete this item.
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