This is who WE are

CORPMIND is on a mission to simplify the process for custom merchandise, custom packaging, and custom promotional products for businesses. Operating since 2016, we’re located in Silicon Valley, California, and proud to be part of a world-class innovative community. Our network of international manufacturers puts us in a unique position to deliver high quality branded merchandise at low prices for our clients. We empower your brand to stand out.

This is our PASSION

We believe in enabling creative expression and the power of thoughtful branding. With custom manufacturing, your ideas are able to manifest into physical form. But custom merchandise options have typically been limited and expensive. That’s why we’re dedicated to making custom manufacturing accessible and affordable for any branded products your business needs.

This is HOW WE DO IT

Our friends are your friends.

We access our well-established, long-standing and most-trusted, manufacturing resources, business relationships, and overseas partners to create custom merchandise. You directly benefit from our loyal history.

We have experts, so you don’t have to be.

Our partner factories have extensive experience providing custom manufacturing services to international brands. They have proven track records, well-established processes and control systems, safety compliance certificates, and consistently high production quality.

We know industry secrets.

You focus on building your brand, so chances are you haven’t researched all the ways to save time and money on custom branded merchandise. Aggregate volume and lean supply chain offer the industry’s lowest factory-direct pricing, and we attain that for you.

This is who YOU are

Our corporate clients need custom swag and custom gifts. Our big e-commerce clients need custom brand packaging and custom design manufacturing. So whether you’re a corporate marketing guru, or a major retailer, we have the skill and resources to bring your creative brand vision to life.All our clients believe custom products makes the best and most delightful branding impact. If your product is launching, your marketing campaign is deploying, or your event is upcoming, using CORPMIND’s resources and solutions will ensure your company’s brand makes a lasting impression.



You are frustrated with limited swag options and refuse to slap logos on predictable promo products.


You've hit a dead-end with your custom ideas. Your vision seems too complicated to bring to life.


You think custom manufacturing seems too expensive for your budget.

Brand label with no brand production

You want private-label merchandise, but don’t know a private-label manufacturer.

Unboxing experience, inexperience

You’re a retailer or e-commerce brand looking for custom packaging.

No overseas resources

You want to improve profit margins and know manufacturing costs less overseas, but don’t know where to turn.


Six Simple Steps

Big Idea

Reach out to us and describe your project and quantity*. Still need inspiration? Our in-house designers will spark ideas by showing our expanding list of products, and guide you from brainstorm to reality.

Transparent Quote

Your quote will include unit price, prototyping fee, and lead time. No hidden fees, because we value total transparency.

Approved Prototype

You’ll get a physical production-ready prototype to approve before production begins.

Expert Management

Project delegation and manufacturing process is handled by us, no prior experience or resources is needed. Let us handle end-to-end from design assistance to production quality control.

Direct Delivery

Choose express air freight or ocean freight shipping to worldwide destinations directly from manufacturing sites. Get notified each step of the way.

Unparalleled Results

Under 30 day delivery guarantee**. No-rush discounts. We take your satisfaction seriously - you pay after delivery, and rest easy with a great warranty and return policy.

* MOQ and more info available at FAQ and on product pages.

** Kindly remember we are human, and some exceptions may need to be made.
We promise to always be transparent with any changes.

Ready? Let's talk about what's next.