This is Grace and Susanna

CORPMIND was founded on teamwork, experience, hard work, dedication to solving a problem in the custom branded merchandise industry, and by Grace and Susanna.These two different women developed their skill sets in two different fields. Grace is originally from China, and pursued a financial career spanning from investment banking to the operational finance for the hi-tech industry. Susanna is originally from Hungary, and is a seasoned marketing executive with agency experience advising corporate clients of all kinds.


Finding their home in the world-class innovative community of Silicon Valley, they met and became friends. Discovering their shared passion for creative goods, and through talking with brand marketing professionals and with retail business owners at trade shows, they saw the challenges in finding the right manufacturers who can precisely and cost-effectively bring their custom creations to life.With Grace’s network of connections in the world’s manufacturing hub and Susanna’s keen insight into the design and marketing world, they were well positioned to find a solution to the challenges. By building a platform that connects the demand and supply for high quality, low-cost custom manufacturing and providing end-to-end project management services to minimize execution risks for customers, CORPMIND was born.

This is the CORPMIND-set

The duo realized quickly that their complementary resources and skill sets allowed them to work effectively as a team on behalf of their growing customer base.Grace leads manufacturing, logistics, sales, and building out a manufacturer network so that customers can trust they are getting the best vetted resources available. Susanna leads product planning, design creations, marketing, and recruits design talents directly so that customers receive the highest quality final product.Under their leadership, the CORPMIND team embodies the mindset to deliver the best, at the lowest cost, in the simplest way possible. They look forward YOU being one of their happiest customers.

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